Have you ever “rolled” or “sprained” your ankle during a sporting activity or misplacing a step whilst walking?. Have these sprains taken longer to recover than expected?

​Ankle sprains are one of the most common lower limb injuries and can occur in sports that involve rapid changes of direction such as basketball, volleyball, netball and football.

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​What structures are damaged during an ankle sprain?.
They usually occur when the ankle rolls outwards, this can typically damage 2 ligaments.

  1. Anterior talo-fibular ligament (ATFL) ** most common
  2. Calcano-fibular ligament (CFL)​


Signs and Symptoms

  • Loud snap, crack or tearing sensationPicture
  • Swelling with or without bruising
  • Can walk – but often with a limp
  • Pain with movements such as pointing the toes or turning your foot inwards
  • Tenderness over the injured site

What can treatment include?
It is important to contact your physiotherapist early!
Without adequate rehabilitate a minor ankle injury can lead to further complications.

Treatment Includes:

  • Increasing ankle movement
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Improving proprioception and balance
  • Relieving tight or overactive muscles
  • Strapping and/or bracing
  • Education and advice
  • Specific return to sport rehabilitation


If you are experiencing ankle pain or someone who has repetitively rolled your ankle, we’d love to help!

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