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Classes FAQ


What are your payment options?2023-05-25T12:04:12+00:00

You are welcome to either pay casually for your classes, or purchase a 10 or 20 class pack.

Are the classes suitable if I’m pregnant or postnatal?2023-05-25T11:55:00+00:00

Exercise is highly beneficial during pregnancy and the postnatal period.  All our classes are taught by highly trained Physiotherapists that will specifically tailor your class to suit your stage of pregnancy or recovery after pregnancy.  It is essential to have in individual consultation with one of our specially trained Women’s Health physios prior to attending a class.

Our group classes are suitable during all stages of pregnancy – many women continue right up until they deliver! Our Physios will tailor the class to your ability throughout your whole pregnancy.

Once you’ve delivered your baby, we recommend a Womens Health assessment any time from 6 weeks post delivery.   This will give us the opportunity to assess your pelvic floor and deep abdominal activation, provide education and advice on return to exercise and discuss your goals to determine which classes are suitable for you.

How Many Classes Per Week Should I Attend?2020-09-23T07:25:21+00:00

The more classes you attend, the quicker you will reach your goals. We recommend at least 2 – 3 times per week to see improvements in balance, posture, flexibility, strength and endurance.

I haven’t attended an SPG class before, where do I start?2023-05-25T11:58:59+00:00

If you’ve never done pilates before, don’t worry- we’ve got you! Prior to joining a class it is recommended you attend a Pilates 1:1 consult with one of our physios. Even if you are fit and healthy and participate in other sports and activities, Pilates is unlike any other exercise. During this 1:1 we will teach you the basics, including correct technique and muscle activations to ensure you receive the optimum benefits from your Pilates experience. If you are looking to join our reformer classes, this is also an opportunity to become familiar with the reformer machines.

Even if you have participated in reformer Pilates before, we still recommend you start with an initial 1:1 consultation with a physio.  This is because all studios teach their Pilates in a slightly different way and on slightly different reformer machines. Your Physiotherapist will be able to tailor the exercises you are given to specifically address your level, goals and requirements. NB if you wish to claim from your health fund, an initial consultation is required.

If you are currently suffering from an injury (whether acute or chronic) or have any other conditions which impact on your ability to exercise, we recommend an initial consultation with one of our qualified physiotherapists. Following a detailed assessment your physio will advise on appropriate classes for you. It is likely that semi privates/ reformer circuits will be most appropriate initially to allow us to supervise, guide and modify exercises as required.

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