Imaging assessment tools such as MRI’s, Ultrasounds, X-rays and CT scans are widely used by Physiotherapists, GP’s and other health practitioners to assist in the diagnosis of injuries.

HOWEVER, you should know that this report will talk about anything that isn’t “perfect” on the scan; whilst some imperfections may be relevant to your complaint, THIS DOES NOT MEAN IT IS CAUSING YOUR PAIN! Pain is very complex and multifaceted, so it is important to remember that damage shown on a scan does not = pain!

In fact recent studies have shown that in those aged over 40, MRI scans revealed that:

  • 43% have osteoarthritis in more than one joint and have NO PAIN
  • 50% have a disc herniation or a “slipped disc” and have NO PAIN
  • A whopping 96% have degeneration of the rotator cuff and have NO PAIN

Although scans can help give a wider picture of what is going on in the body, remember degenerative changes are a normal part of getting older. So before you begin to stress on the results of your scan or even the necessity for a scan – it is essential you see your physiotherapist or healthcare professional

Your Physio will be the best person to talk to about whats REALLY causing your pain and the best way to fix it!