Tips for new runners preparing for a long race


1. ​Footwear – You want to make sure your running shoes have good cushioning and are supremely supportive/light. Get your shoes checked by your Physio if you are unsure if they are appropriate​2. Build up your distance gradually – Don’t expect to be able to run 10kms your first time. It is important to start short and slow, and then progressively increase the distance 1-2kms at a time. If you increase your distance and start to feel sore or overly tired, drop back!  – ½ Marathon – train up to 18kms- Marathon – train up to 35kms

3. Rest is just as important as a run – Resting your body after a run is vital for your recovery and ensuring that you don’t become overworked. It also helps with the prevention of injuries. It is a good idea to have a rest day scheduled after a run day.

4. Focus on the distance you run not the time it takes – To start with, do not worry about your pace. Try and find a natural, comfortable rhythm, particularly when increasing distance.

5. Join a running group – This is invaluable for motivation and accountability in your training.

6. Cross training – Adding different forms of cardiovascular exercise (such as an exercise bike) into your routine is a great way to increase fitness whilst reducing stresses on your body from running.

7. ​Strength training – Incorporating strength and core training into your program will ensure your body is in good condition and make your run more efficient.

8. Fuel your body –A healthy, balanced diet will allow you to have adequate energy for your training. Dehydration will decrease energy and efficiency. In preparation for race day, it is important to increase yo


ur carbohydrate, electrolyte and water intake to improve energy levels and hydration.

9. Decrease training load as you get close to race day – Tapering off your training before your race will allow your body to recover and be in its best condition before the run. ​

10. If you are feeling pain during or directly after your run, do not wait to get it checked out – book in an appointment with your Physio!