CoreX is an advanced core conditioning class designed to take your core strength to the next level.
Are you a runner or golfer, or play sport like tennis or soccer? Or looking for a new challenge? Then this class if for you! Using resistance tubes,we target not only the abdominals, but the legs, back and glutes as well to give an all over, function workout to improve hip stability, lower back function and sports performance.



How is CoreX different to Pilates?

  • Unlike pilates, CoreX is not intended as a rehabilitation program and participants should be injury-free.
  • CoreX is designed for people who want to further challenge their core strength and are familiar with pilates. Ideally, you should have at least 8 weeks of pilates experience before trying a CoreX class.
  • CoreX uses resistance tubes to make exercises more challenging and target the core, back and glutes. The class involves a lot of work in functional positions like standing and sitting.
  • We wear shoes! This helps to grip the tube and protect your feet!


Not sure if this class is for you? Have a chat with one of our physios and we can advise what is most suitable for you!